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[House & Office]
His Highness,
Al Sheikh Butti Mohammed Ahmed Al Hamed


Why Choose Us?

Royal Altima Housemaid Cleaning Service has been serving people in UAE with great quality of work, satisfaction and security for like a decade now.

100% Guaranteed

We provide the best work according to your needs and if you are unhappy with our quality of work, we are willing to fix anything or correct our mistakes up to our standards.

Happy Customers

As mentioned before we put our customer's happiness on top. We treat our customers and their overall happiness with great quality service.

100+ Locations

We assure you deep commitment towards providing high quality services in 100+ locations in Abu Dhabi and across UAE. Our services are available on hourly or daily or monthly basis.

Our Services

Are you worried about cleaning your house after spending a hectic week at office or a delightful holiday? Don’t worry anymore. We are here to give you a helping hand always. Royal Altima Housemaid Cleaning Service have been consistent in providing great quality service in Abu Dhabi and across UAE for a decade now.

Home & Office Cleaning

In between the frantic work schedule we know how much cleaning your homes or offices can be problematic. Worry no more. You can now book our cleaning services for your home or office by just one click. We valueour customer's satisfaction the most and we believe maintaining a good relationship by providing great service is the key to it.


Worrying about a big meeting or presentation? Did you decide what are you going to wear? Our special packages include ironing service too so that you can concentrate on the work rather than thinking about the dress. Just plan whatever important thing you have, be it a big presentation or meeting or any occasion and leave the rest on us.


Royal Altima Lady Cleaning Service has the perfect packages to please the customers. This includes Babysitting Services too. You have too much going on around you, you need a rest from household work, from taking care of your baby. What about the quality time you want to spend with yourself only? You deserve that right? No need to worry about these anymore.

Our Team

Over 300 professionally trained maids belonging to various nationalities.

Our Origin and Story

Royal Altima Housemaid Cleaning Service is established to ease up your hard time a little bit. There are times when you can’t breathe in peace. Deadlines make your life a living hell. You take care of your family, attend various occasions. So much work and you only get 24 hours a day. Do you really want the revolting thoughts of household cleaning to be constant on your mind in between all these?

We know that life is just one short slot of time. We know how much time worth. We do understand the job pressures, time restrictions, miscellaneous activities of your everyday life that make your life so hard to handle. So you need to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. This is where we gain prominence; as our biggest highlight is that we hold a set of professional and well trained women who work on the most daunting places and still are always ready to give you a helping hand and keen to see your smiling face. With more than 100 locations across the UAE and more than 300 well trained and well mannered maids we are just a few clicks away.